Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Into the field

We received a phone call on Monday from Karly.  She was at the airport, ready to head to Canada.  She sounded happy and excited.

Two days later, we received a welcoming letter, and the following information and pictures from President Brent L. Scott, her mission president.

Karly with President and Sister Scott

First Companion - Sister Yonita M. Tuia

Karly's mailing address is as follows:

Sister Karly Prescott
63 Munroe Crescent, Bsmt
Guelph, ON
N1G 5E4

Monday, February 18, 2013

Life in the MTC

Karly will fly out for Canada, early next Monday morning, February 25, 2013.  Below is the one and only letter we will get from the MTC:

I made it until Sunday!! (well technically Monday :) Everyone always says you have to make it to Sunday and then it gets a million times better so I am happy to be here. The past few days have been great though! Hard, but great. The MTC is weird! The days are full of learning and and hard stuff and great stuff and it really is just hard to explain. My companion is Sister Colvin, she is from Rexburg, Idaho. Our district has another set of sisters and then 4 sets of Elders. They are the people I spend all of my time with. We spend hours in the classroom studying and being taught by our two teachers Sister Clark and Brother Ferguson. I have already taught two lessons to fake investigators and they honestly went really well. It is true what they say, if you prepare and study and pray to have the Spirit with you, you really will say everything your investigator needs to hear. After our first lesson our teacher told us that it was one of the best first lessons he has ever heard while at the MTC. So yay! That made me feel good because I fully expected being the worst teacher EVER. Thankfully that is not the case and I am just going to work work work so I can keep getting better. I am learning a ton though and having a lot of cool experiences. Missions are cool! That is basically the only way I can describe it. Being surrounded by people who have the same purpose and desire isn't something that happens all the time so I am trying to take advantage of every second.
I have seen a lot of other Sisters and Elders from Morgan and it is always nice to see a familiar face. I saw Sister Porter within my first 5 minutes of being here and it was GREAT to see her! :) Elder Jake Anderson is actually in my zone so his classroom is right next to mine and I see him a lot. In fact, yesterday I wouldn't have eaten breakfast if it wasn't for him! My companion had a meeting so we didn't have much time and the lines were forever long in the cafeteria. I was about to give up on eating until here walks Elder Anderson with two bowls of cereal and I think I honestly just asked him if he would give me one and he was so willing to do so. I owe him a treat! But if you see his parents, let them know that they have an amazing son who is taking care of his friends. I also saw Sister Tingey! She is the best! So glad she is here and that I get to see her every once in awhile.
So some facts about the MTC. When I came in last Wednesday I think there were about 1000 other missionaries who came in that day. I have heard that means there are about 3000 missionaries here. Yeah, it's crowded, really crowded. I am also a part of only the second group of missionaries ever, who will only be at the MTC for 12 days. Now there is something to write home about... I am making history! There are about 30 other sisters that will be going to Toronto with me... that is a ton! There are a lot of us. 30 sisters, and I haven't met a single Elder going to Toronto. It is going to be cool to; A. see 30 sister missionaries and one plane and B. see how the training and the companionships work out when I get to Canada.
Thanks to everyone who has sent DearElders! Mail is always such a treat to get! I will try and write a lot of letters today so that you guys can hear from me. There is sincerely no time to write letters around here other than P-days though. Like no time at all. I am scheduled from sun up to sun down.  I am pretty sure sometimes I forget to use the bathroom because it isn't on my schedule, yeah only half kidding. :)
Well now I need to go do my laundry and eat some food but write me lots! And I will try to write back as much as possible!

Love, Sister Prescott

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Off to the MTC

Ready to head out to the MTC 

Unloading at the curb was short and sweet with a couple of hugs and a quick goodbye.  A certain guy with a beard, may or may not have shed a tear.
And there she goes !!
See you in about 535 days :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farewell Post

Well I guess I should write a little post before I leave! After I am gone (gone feels like a bad word to use here... uh after I go for my leave of absence) my mom and family friend Gwen Rich will keep you guys updated on the happenings of Sister Prescott! :)

So Sunday was my farewell! Thanks to all you great people who came! And for those of you who didn't come... I suppose we can still be friends. ;)

Here are some pictures from the day!

"My Logan Friends"
Riley, Mark, Conor, Hil, Nathan
"The Twins"
Hilarie and Katelyn

My friend Courtney (Her and her husband came all the way from Colorado to hear me speak. Thanks guys! :)

Breanne and Melissa

Al Pal! :)

Rilo and Hil


"My Morgan Boys"
Nathan, Kris, Jayden

The Fam

Little brother Blake and cousin Parker
I have such awesome family and friends! Seriously, I appreciate all of the support you guys have shown me. I am SO excited to be serving a mission. Sure it's a little nerve racking, sure I am probably going to be freaking out in a few hours, but I'm excited! I KNOW it will be fun! I KNOW it will bless me and my family! And I KNOW Canada it exactly where I need to be! :)

You guys are the best and I will miss you! Write me lots and lots of letters! :)

Sister Prescott :)