Monday, July 29, 2013

Weather is cooling, and also some of our investigators.....

A lady who just moved from the ward sent me this picture today.
This has kind of been a really, extremely "off" week for this Sister so this blog post is not going to be too exciting. I didn't even take a single picture this week soooooo..... my apologies. I am going to do my best to make this week and "on" week full of great adventures! :)

Thankfully the weather cooled down. In fact last night it was downright cold. It was about 12C, and for us "Yankees" as some Canadians like to call us Americans, it was about 54F (I was very proud the day I learned how to do the approximate conversion of temperatures - haha) It has rained off and on and all I know is that I am thankful that I can finally wear a cardigan again and that the serious humidity has gone away.

This week was hard because the people that we had been teaching just kind of disappeared. It is rough when you teach these people, see them progress, and then they use their agency to make choices that you wish they wouldn't make... :(  But I guess it is all part of the process and their progress. We are just here to invite and in the end these people are able to make the ultimate choice. I know that is how it is and will always be, but that still doesn't make it easy. In fact it kind of hurts! But... just have to keep moving on and planting the seeds because one of these days it is going to work out! 

This week makes Week 5 for this transfer. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Days are so packed full of things, but then when I think back on it, it always feels like Monday. Just trying to make the most of it! Rain or shine, people to teach or no people to teach. It is all for my growth and learning and I gotta be honest, I am learning A LOT! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This week was a pretty busy week, if feels like a lot has happened. Monday we got together with the zone to play some games at the church. If you want to see something funny all you have to do is get about 12 companionship's of Elders and Sisters together to play chair soccer. Actually, none of you would probably think it is funny but... I think it is pretty funny. :)

Elder Palmer and Karly
P-Day with the Zone

We had our Skills and Interviews with President Scott. That was really nice. It is always nice to be able to talk to him and Sister Scott. They really know how to make you feel like a million bucks.

It has been wicked hot. I don't think I have ever drank so much water in my life. Tracting is not the most fun thing in the heat but, we do it anyway. haha  We had a sisters exchange on Friday and it went really, really well. Sister Tofa came to Hamilton with me and we spent the entire day finding. We had set a goal to find 3 new investigators and what did we do?.... well we found 3 new investigators! We talked to a bunch of awesome people and 3 were really interested. We were able to get return appointments and Sister Puruganan and I will go back this week and teach them. One of the guys was really grateful. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he said that he has been through a lot and he is willing to try anything if he thinks it will bring him happiness. He gave Sister Tofa and I pins of Jesus Christ. It was super nice. He was a really great guy.

The day was extremely hot and then out of nowhere a storm rolled in. We got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that we all needed to go inside because there had been some tornado warnings. So we went inside and the storm hit. There was a ton of lightening and rain. The storm let up so we decided that we would be ok to drive to Oakville to exchange with the Sisters again. That was probably not the best idea because just as we were getting on the highway is started raining so much. I could barely see and cars were pulling over.

It was pretty scary. Thankfully it let up. But.... after the exchange when we were driving towards Hamilton there was a ton of lightening. I don't think I have ever seen lightening like that before. It got really dark, started to rain, and once again there I was driving down the highway and couldn't see a thing. Thankfully we made it home safe. The power was out and I am fairly convinced we almost got struck by lightening but, all in all a successful day! Thankfully it has started cooling off. Hopefully this will be an easier week because it won't be so hot!

And on a more serious note...... This week I have been thinking a lot about Faith. My faith, the faith of my investigators, the faith of the members around me. This whole mission experience just feels like one big trial of my faith. It is rough! It would be a whole lot easier if Heavenly Father didn't love us so much that He gives us trials to make us better, stronger people. This week I have read this talk multiple times and would encourage everyone to watch it. When I heard this during conference I feel like it was a big changing point in my mission. It helped me a lot and continues to help me to this day. Because let's face it, sometimes our faith is shaken. But what I do know is that the Church is true and that all the other little trials that come my way won't get me down if I hold on to what I do know to be true. Of course Elder Holland says it much better than I can, so watch the talk and if anyone is struggling with their faith (or maybe I am the only one.. :) think about what he says. I know that it really helps me!   Have a great week!

I have killed at least 10 of these nasty critters since living here. If anyone could identify the make and model of this stupid thing that would be great. THEY ARE GROSS!

Monday, July 15, 2013

5 months - already?

Well I guess this has been a pretty exciting week! I have been gone 5 months as of last Saturday, I finished another journal and... I got a cold to top things off! :) Being sick as a missionary is really no fun at all because we have no time to rest and get better. Oh well, I think I am on the up and up. I shouldn't complain either considering this is the first time I have gotten sick in those 5 months.

I am feeling lazy about writing this today so I am just going to number off some different things that happened this week.

1. I ate squid.... yup, it was gross. Sister Puruganan has been having a hard time adjusting to the food we eat here and so a member took us out to some Filipino place. And when I saw what the food looks like that Sister Puruganan has been missing I about died! Because let's be honest.... a big ole pile of black squid does not look appetizing to this sister! But... she ate it, loved it, and I tried some just for the experience of course. :)

Squid  - SO GROSS

2. We taught a lesson to two of our investigators and before we started one of the girls said, "When I read The Book of Mormon and pray about it I get this piercing feeling in my heart. I don't know how to describe it, but it is a good feeling." Uh... can you say best day ever?? I know I have shared experiences like this before but it never gets old when someone tells you that they have felt the Spirit and they are coming to know that the things we are sharing with them are true. Once again my favorite thing is to testify with the Spirit and know that the people we are teaching are feeling it!

3. We went to visit some members and the husband asked me if I "Did my hair with a blender this morning??" Ha I guess that is what I get for wearing my curly hair on top of my head. It is just too hot and humid to do it any other way! :)

The day I "did my hair with a blender" :)

4. Apparently there was some serious flooding in Toronto.... I can't look it up and read more about it but all of you can so that may be interesting to check out.

5. Everyone has been going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and I am SO jealous. It is so close to us, yet so far away!

6. We went out to some members in Cayuga, Ontario last night and it was the best! They are in our ward but are about a 45 minute drive and they live out in a place that reminds me of home! I should have taken some pictures because it was so beautiful.

Hopefully this coming week is a bit more exciting! We have got some good plans so it should be good. Have a good week! Oh and shout out to my girl Katelyn Nicholes who goes into the MTC Wednesday. She is going to be the best missionary Edmonton has ever seen! :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Week ~ Absolutely loving it ~ Never been happier !

Another good week! A lot of really awesome things have been happening. When the Assistants told me that I needed to expect miracles with having a brand new missionary, they were totally right. There is just something different about this transfer and I am loving it... absolutely loving it! :) 

Sister Puruganan, a "brand new missionary" and Karly

We got 2 new investigators this week which was awesome. The first girl we found while walking down the street. We started talking to her, she said that she has been thinking about becoming a Christian  We taught her, bore some testimony and then said a prayer right there on the side of the road. We said that we would meet her at a park near where we were on Saturday. So fast forward to Saturday. We go to the park and this girl had brought her sister with her. Both grew up with a Muslim father but haven't really practiced religion. The girl we met on the street went home and told her older sister about the girls that she met on the street and that we were the nicest people she had ever met. Like she couldn't believe how nice we were. haha So that caught the older sisters interest, so she came with her. The older girl said that she is Buddhist, yet she believes in God and doesn't really follow all of the teachings so... she just doesn't really know what she is. We taught the restoration and the girl who is Buddhist asked a TON of questions. It was good, though. I like questions :) The lesson went well, but at the end I was thinking, "Ok, this girl is lacking in some faith, she has questioned everything we said, and she probably isn't going to want to learn more." So you can imagine my surprise when I asked her if they would like to continue learning and she said yes she would because, "When you were talking about Joseph Smith and what he saw, I got goosebumps.." and then the quieter sister piped up and said that she had gotten goosebumps as well as I recited the First Vision.... I WAS SO PUMPED! Then we just bore testimony that what they had felt was the Spirit and it is that feeling that is going to let them know that what we tell them is true! There is no better feeling than helping people to feel the Spirit. 

Now let us discuss the family that we are teaching. Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting I was already emotional because I was just so happy that we have a family at church and they are loving it.  I get up there, start crying, obviously, and felt like a fool, but it is probably the most sincere testimony I have ever bore.... so it was totally worth it. haha   And then after that I taught the Gospel Principles class about prayer.  Being a missionary really is the best. :)  It really pays off when you follow the Spirit! :) Best Sunday ever! :)

Ok now that I have successfully admitted to the fact that I am turning into one of those weird missionaries I guess I will be done for the day. haha This just really is the Lord's work and I am learning that more and more every single day. Oh and here is something that Erin Harper sent to me the other day and I really loved it so I wanted to share it with everyone.. :)

"Have you ever thought of the concept of missionary work from the investigators point of view? Think about it- two random girls walk up to your door (randomly) invite themselves into your house and into your hearts. Then as weeks go on those "random girls dressed in skirts" become a staple into that persons life, visiting multiple times a week, asking for the person to share their deepest concerns and problems and with the sweetest most sincere smiles, figure out ways for the person to completely turn their life around and be ready for baptism as soon as possible. -really. This work is definitely led by the Lord. How else would that concept work?!" 

I just thought that was perfect, because that is exactly what I am experiencing. Especially with the family that we are teaching right now. Loving being a missionary, I don't think I have ever been happier! :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staying in Hamilton - as a Trainer !

Well for the first time in my mission I didn't have to pack up and move at transfers! I am staying in Hamilton and I am training a new Sister! Her name is Sister Puruganan and she is from the Philippines. (and I don't even know how to attempt to tell you all how to say her last name, I am having a hard time remembering it. haha Hopefully I get it in a few days!)
Sister Puruganan and Karly

Transfer calls came Sunday night at about 10 pm. They start making the calls at 8:45,  so Sister Taylor and I thought that we would both be staying so we started getting ready for bed and then the phone rang. Usually it is a call from the Assistants, but this time the phone said President Scott! And when President calls it only means one thing..... that someone is training! So I was pretty pumped!

Monday was Canada Day so the whole weekend, there were fireworks that we could see from our apartment. Sister Taylor packed Monday, and then we went to visit our investigators and members so she could say bye to them. It is always hard to say bye, so I am thankful that this time it wasn't me saying the goodbyes. She moved to an area that is about an hour from here, so Monday night we drove and switched companions with another set of sisters that was in our District.  Sister Taylor is now serving with Sister Colvin (my MTC companion) and then Sister Wester was my companion for Monday night before we went to the trainer's meeting on Tuesday morning bright and early!
Sister Wester and Karly - one day together

The new missionaries and trainers

We went to the Brampton Stake Center Tuesday morning.  We had to be there at 8am,  and then the meeting started at 9. (I always love transfers and being able to see a bunch of other missionaries!) The meeting was really good, but it kind of made me nervous because I started to realize that being a trainer can be a lot of pressure! It was stressing me out, but after that meeting we got to meet our companions and things were all good from there. I relaxed and started to realize that it won't be too bad. I know how to be a missionary, so I just have to do my thing and show someone else how!

I am loving Sister Puruganan so much already! I am really excited for this transfer. I think it will go really well and I know that I am going to learn SO much! I spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and it went really well, at least I think it did. :) I don't know why I wasted so much of my life not knowing that I liked speaking in Sacrament Meeting. I should have gotten over that fear a long time ago!

Oh! Here is another good story... on Friday night, last week, the fire alarm went off at 2:15 in the morning so we had to evacuate the building. Someone had just pulled the fire alarm so at least there wasn't a real fire, but it was really hard to sleep after that whole adventure.

Things are good, being a missionary is great. And now I must go help my companion find some clothes and good food to buy! They eat way better in the Philippines than they do in North America so... no chance that I will get fat this transfer! haha  I'll email on Monday! Have a good couple of days! :)