Monday, July 15, 2013

5 months - already?

Well I guess this has been a pretty exciting week! I have been gone 5 months as of last Saturday, I finished another journal and... I got a cold to top things off! :) Being sick as a missionary is really no fun at all because we have no time to rest and get better. Oh well, I think I am on the up and up. I shouldn't complain either considering this is the first time I have gotten sick in those 5 months.

I am feeling lazy about writing this today so I am just going to number off some different things that happened this week.

1. I ate squid.... yup, it was gross. Sister Puruganan has been having a hard time adjusting to the food we eat here and so a member took us out to some Filipino place. And when I saw what the food looks like that Sister Puruganan has been missing I about died! Because let's be honest.... a big ole pile of black squid does not look appetizing to this sister! But... she ate it, loved it, and I tried some just for the experience of course. :)

Squid  - SO GROSS

2. We taught a lesson to two of our investigators and before we started one of the girls said, "When I read The Book of Mormon and pray about it I get this piercing feeling in my heart. I don't know how to describe it, but it is a good feeling." Uh... can you say best day ever?? I know I have shared experiences like this before but it never gets old when someone tells you that they have felt the Spirit and they are coming to know that the things we are sharing with them are true. Once again my favorite thing is to testify with the Spirit and know that the people we are teaching are feeling it!

3. We went to visit some members and the husband asked me if I "Did my hair with a blender this morning??" Ha I guess that is what I get for wearing my curly hair on top of my head. It is just too hot and humid to do it any other way! :)

The day I "did my hair with a blender" :)

4. Apparently there was some serious flooding in Toronto.... I can't look it up and read more about it but all of you can so that may be interesting to check out.

5. Everyone has been going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and I am SO jealous. It is so close to us, yet so far away!

6. We went out to some members in Cayuga, Ontario last night and it was the best! They are in our ward but are about a 45 minute drive and they live out in a place that reminds me of home! I should have taken some pictures because it was so beautiful.

Hopefully this coming week is a bit more exciting! We have got some good plans so it should be good. Have a good week! Oh and shout out to my girl Katelyn Nicholes who goes into the MTC Wednesday. She is going to be the best missionary Edmonton has ever seen! :)

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