Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staying in Hamilton - as a Trainer !

Well for the first time in my mission I didn't have to pack up and move at transfers! I am staying in Hamilton and I am training a new Sister! Her name is Sister Puruganan and she is from the Philippines. (and I don't even know how to attempt to tell you all how to say her last name, I am having a hard time remembering it. haha Hopefully I get it in a few days!)
Sister Puruganan and Karly

Transfer calls came Sunday night at about 10 pm. They start making the calls at 8:45,  so Sister Taylor and I thought that we would both be staying so we started getting ready for bed and then the phone rang. Usually it is a call from the Assistants, but this time the phone said President Scott! And when President calls it only means one thing..... that someone is training! So I was pretty pumped!

Monday was Canada Day so the whole weekend, there were fireworks that we could see from our apartment. Sister Taylor packed Monday, and then we went to visit our investigators and members so she could say bye to them. It is always hard to say bye, so I am thankful that this time it wasn't me saying the goodbyes. She moved to an area that is about an hour from here, so Monday night we drove and switched companions with another set of sisters that was in our District.  Sister Taylor is now serving with Sister Colvin (my MTC companion) and then Sister Wester was my companion for Monday night before we went to the trainer's meeting on Tuesday morning bright and early!
Sister Wester and Karly - one day together

The new missionaries and trainers

We went to the Brampton Stake Center Tuesday morning.  We had to be there at 8am,  and then the meeting started at 9. (I always love transfers and being able to see a bunch of other missionaries!) The meeting was really good, but it kind of made me nervous because I started to realize that being a trainer can be a lot of pressure! It was stressing me out, but after that meeting we got to meet our companions and things were all good from there. I relaxed and started to realize that it won't be too bad. I know how to be a missionary, so I just have to do my thing and show someone else how!

I am loving Sister Puruganan so much already! I am really excited for this transfer. I think it will go really well and I know that I am going to learn SO much! I spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and it went really well, at least I think it did. :) I don't know why I wasted so much of my life not knowing that I liked speaking in Sacrament Meeting. I should have gotten over that fear a long time ago!

Oh! Here is another good story... on Friday night, last week, the fire alarm went off at 2:15 in the morning so we had to evacuate the building. Someone had just pulled the fire alarm so at least there wasn't a real fire, but it was really hard to sleep after that whole adventure.

Things are good, being a missionary is great. And now I must go help my companion find some clothes and good food to buy! They eat way better in the Philippines than they do in North America so... no chance that I will get fat this transfer! haha  I'll email on Monday! Have a good couple of days! :)

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