Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Week ~ Absolutely loving it ~ Never been happier !

Another good week! A lot of really awesome things have been happening. When the Assistants told me that I needed to expect miracles with having a brand new missionary, they were totally right. There is just something different about this transfer and I am loving it... absolutely loving it! :) 

Sister Puruganan, a "brand new missionary" and Karly

We got 2 new investigators this week which was awesome. The first girl we found while walking down the street. We started talking to her, she said that she has been thinking about becoming a Christian  We taught her, bore some testimony and then said a prayer right there on the side of the road. We said that we would meet her at a park near where we were on Saturday. So fast forward to Saturday. We go to the park and this girl had brought her sister with her. Both grew up with a Muslim father but haven't really practiced religion. The girl we met on the street went home and told her older sister about the girls that she met on the street and that we were the nicest people she had ever met. Like she couldn't believe how nice we were. haha So that caught the older sisters interest, so she came with her. The older girl said that she is Buddhist, yet she believes in God and doesn't really follow all of the teachings so... she just doesn't really know what she is. We taught the restoration and the girl who is Buddhist asked a TON of questions. It was good, though. I like questions :) The lesson went well, but at the end I was thinking, "Ok, this girl is lacking in some faith, she has questioned everything we said, and she probably isn't going to want to learn more." So you can imagine my surprise when I asked her if they would like to continue learning and she said yes she would because, "When you were talking about Joseph Smith and what he saw, I got goosebumps.." and then the quieter sister piped up and said that she had gotten goosebumps as well as I recited the First Vision.... I WAS SO PUMPED! Then we just bore testimony that what they had felt was the Spirit and it is that feeling that is going to let them know that what we tell them is true! There is no better feeling than helping people to feel the Spirit. 

Now let us discuss the family that we are teaching. Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting I was already emotional because I was just so happy that we have a family at church and they are loving it.  I get up there, start crying, obviously, and felt like a fool, but it is probably the most sincere testimony I have ever bore.... so it was totally worth it. haha   And then after that I taught the Gospel Principles class about prayer.  Being a missionary really is the best. :)  It really pays off when you follow the Spirit! :) Best Sunday ever! :)

Ok now that I have successfully admitted to the fact that I am turning into one of those weird missionaries I guess I will be done for the day. haha This just really is the Lord's work and I am learning that more and more every single day. Oh and here is something that Erin Harper sent to me the other day and I really loved it so I wanted to share it with everyone.. :)

"Have you ever thought of the concept of missionary work from the investigators point of view? Think about it- two random girls walk up to your door (randomly) invite themselves into your house and into your hearts. Then as weeks go on those "random girls dressed in skirts" become a staple into that persons life, visiting multiple times a week, asking for the person to share their deepest concerns and problems and with the sweetest most sincere smiles, figure out ways for the person to completely turn their life around and be ready for baptism as soon as possible. -really. This work is definitely led by the Lord. How else would that concept work?!" 

I just thought that was perfect, because that is exactly what I am experiencing. Especially with the family that we are teaching right now. Loving being a missionary, I don't think I have ever been happier! :)

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