Monday, July 29, 2013

Weather is cooling, and also some of our investigators.....

A lady who just moved from the ward sent me this picture today.
This has kind of been a really, extremely "off" week for this Sister so this blog post is not going to be too exciting. I didn't even take a single picture this week soooooo..... my apologies. I am going to do my best to make this week and "on" week full of great adventures! :)

Thankfully the weather cooled down. In fact last night it was downright cold. It was about 12C, and for us "Yankees" as some Canadians like to call us Americans, it was about 54F (I was very proud the day I learned how to do the approximate conversion of temperatures - haha) It has rained off and on and all I know is that I am thankful that I can finally wear a cardigan again and that the serious humidity has gone away.

This week was hard because the people that we had been teaching just kind of disappeared. It is rough when you teach these people, see them progress, and then they use their agency to make choices that you wish they wouldn't make... :(  But I guess it is all part of the process and their progress. We are just here to invite and in the end these people are able to make the ultimate choice. I know that is how it is and will always be, but that still doesn't make it easy. In fact it kind of hurts! But... just have to keep moving on and planting the seeds because one of these days it is going to work out! 

This week makes Week 5 for this transfer. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Days are so packed full of things, but then when I think back on it, it always feels like Monday. Just trying to make the most of it! Rain or shine, people to teach or no people to teach. It is all for my growth and learning and I gotta be honest, I am learning A LOT! :)

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