Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy Busy - Work and Play

Weeks are a serious blur! When people ask me what we did the previous day I have to check my planner because I have NO idea. I think it is part of being a missionary. The good memory I used to have is completely gone!

This week was good, the parts that I can remember anyway. :) We taught a family who then became our new investigators. They are from Colombia and they are a beautiful family! The dad says he is liking the Book of Mormon, we will be teaching them tomorrow.

Sister Norell and me - "I feel like we look alike!" haha

Sunday was Fast Sunday and we did a Ward Fast for missionary work. (That was Sister Norell's idea, she is brilliant!) It was really good, I think it gave everyone a purpose to fast and it made the testimony meeting a lot more meaningful because people bore their testimonies on what they knew to be true and not random stories (we all have been in those fast and testimony meetings... -_-)

Monday was the Civic Holiday, which meant libraries were closed so thus why P-day is today (Tuesday). Yesterday was also the ward picnic which was SO fun! The morning started off with some baseball, where I discovered that I am not actually that bad at baseball. Who knew?! 22 years of wasted talent. haha It was fun. 

Elder Tu'ilotalava, Me, Sister Puruganan, and Elder Palmer
Missionaries in our ward

At one point I was sitting out in the outfield looking at everyone and I thought to myself, "I am in Ontario, Canada, on a mission, with people I met 11 weeks ago, and I feel like I am at home and this is right where I need to be." I love those moments. Most of the time I still can't believe I am on a mission, I'm not sure if it will ever hit me.

After baseball was lunch, and after lunch were the little kid carnival games and then after that came the pie eating contest... I didn't really want to do it but I knew that I would regret it if I didn't so... I went for it! Thankfully Elder Tu'ilotalava inhaled his pie in like 30 seconds so I didn't have to eat very much. haha I stayed pretty clean until the ward mission leader, Bro.Oswald, convinced someone to put the pie in my face. haha it was a lot of fun. Safe to say I probably won't do another pie eating contest again, though. I think one time is enough to have coconut cream pie up my nose. :) (Picture of THAT later :)

Sister "P" and Sister "P"

Well this is the last week of this transfer. The next time I email we will find out if I am staying or going. I think I will be staying here in Hamilton but one thing I have learned is that Heavenly Father knows better than I do and He will put me wherever I need to be! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. I tried to take a lot more this week for my mothers sake. :)

More pics of our fun day at the ward picnic below:

Crystal-lynn, her neice Kendra, Sister Puruganan, and me

Me and Elder Palmer

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