Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farewell Post

Well I guess I should write a little post before I leave! After I am gone (gone feels like a bad word to use here... uh after I go for my leave of absence) my mom and family friend Gwen Rich will keep you guys updated on the happenings of Sister Prescott! :)

So Sunday was my farewell! Thanks to all you great people who came! And for those of you who didn't come... I suppose we can still be friends. ;)

Here are some pictures from the day!

"My Logan Friends"
Riley, Mark, Conor, Hil, Nathan
"The Twins"
Hilarie and Katelyn

My friend Courtney (Her and her husband came all the way from Colorado to hear me speak. Thanks guys! :)

Breanne and Melissa

Al Pal! :)

Rilo and Hil


"My Morgan Boys"
Nathan, Kris, Jayden

The Fam

Little brother Blake and cousin Parker
I have such awesome family and friends! Seriously, I appreciate all of the support you guys have shown me. I am SO excited to be serving a mission. Sure it's a little nerve racking, sure I am probably going to be freaking out in a few hours, but I'm excited! I KNOW it will be fun! I KNOW it will bless me and my family! And I KNOW Canada it exactly where I need to be! :)

You guys are the best and I will miss you! Write me lots and lots of letters! :)

Sister Prescott :)

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