Monday, March 4, 2013

First Week

So we got to Canada Monday (Feb 25, 2013) and stayed in a hotel that night. That next morning we did some training and were assigned our companions. My companion is Sister Tuia (pronounced too-ya, like happy birthday to ya!) she is 22 and from Samoa (Someone should tell Coach Wiscombe that. Derick served in Samoa, I know she will enjoy that bit of information)

We are serving in a city called Guelph (pronounced like gwelf) I still have a hard time saying it. This area used to just have one set of missionaries here and so now it is split into North and South so Sister Tuia and I are opening a new area in the South end and let me tell you it is HARD. I think most missionaries go their entire missions hoping to never open a new area and I don't blame them because it isn't easy. We have hardly anything to work with, there are very few members in our area and so we have just been trying to contact people to teach. Contacting is the hard part that I feel like no returned missionaries really warned me about. We are supposed to talk to everyone and go around knocking on doors which is still really hard for me.

Some people are really nice and will take a pass a long card and some people are not so nice. Like last night, we were going to the home of a less active who apparently doesn't live there anymore, because this man just basically yelled at us and then accused me of rolling my eyes at him. I know we all know I have an eye rolling problem but I can promise you I would have never rolled my eyes at a man who was yelling at me! haha Oh well.. Sister Tuia tells me that I will get used to it and all of the door knocking and contacting will be worth it when we find someone who wants to learn more. Just for now it is really hard and scary to talk to random people. I am getting better at it though. I just need to be patient.

So in our area we use the bus and walk, which is good because we are able to meet more people but bad because I am absolutely FREEZING! It snowed a lot this week (all Canadians were telling us that is the most it has snowed all winter) so we spent most of the days walking around in snow which then turned into 4 inches of slush which then turned into sidewalks of icy death when it froze. Thankfully we will have a car for a few days because we are sharing it with the other sisters, but Wednesday we will have to go back to the bus grind, I am sure I will get used to it. And I guess I won't get fat just yet if I have to continue walking everywhere!!

 Our apartment is nice. Because were are opening a new area, though we have nothing. Thankfully the Relief Society President was nice and gave us a lot of dishes and pots and pans and some food so we had something, but our mattresses are on the floor and we don't have much furniture. Our landlord is great! He is Indian and always has his music blasting as he does meditation and different prayers. Our apartment also smells like Indian food all the time because we are just in the basement of the landlord's house. It is good though, I can't complain. The only complaint I have is that it is freezing. We have to use the oven to heat up the place, thankfully the landlord gave us a small heater to use. He really is kind about taking care of us and the things we need.

So yes I am still alive, still trying to preach the Gospel! I feel like the mission is nothing like I expected, but it is good. Just a lot of work! And it is hard to keep working when we are not seeing any results. I have come into a tough area in tough circumstances. I know it'll all be good and things will start to happen but as for right now I am just trying to keep going and have a good attitude! :) I feel like this email hasn't been really that motivational for everyone but you all should watch this video that we watched in Relief Society yesterday.... I dare you not to cry.. :) Have a great week! -Sister Prescott

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