Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving, Victoria Park, Fun times on the Bus

Well I made it a week and a half without a pday! :) Didn't think I could do it, but here I am!

Sister Colvin and Karly
Canadian Thanksgiving was great! We planned our day out because we knew not a lot of people would be around.. We did some service for a single sister in the ward, had pie with a recent convert, and then later in the evening we had dinner with a family that is actually from Utah! Now, for some more details about the day.... 

We took the bus to go have pie and on the way we ran into a man that we had contacted the other day. Now we found out this man is from Germany and he was in Kitchener for Oktoberfest. (From what I understand Oktoberfest must happen in Germany and then they do it here too because this city actually used to be called Berlin. From what I saw of Oktoberfest it basically just looks like 2 weekends that give everyone an excuse to drink excessively and wear German hats.... oh well.. who am I to judge? haha)

So back to this man... he sat near us on the bus and he was looking at us and he saw me yawn and he goes, "you must be tired, you look tired" (this was not the last time that I would be told I looked tired that day... looks like I need to get more sleep) And then he for some reason pulls out his camera and takes a picture of me! I was just like, "uh....???" Anyway... he says that he takes a lot of pictures so he doesn't forget what he did that day. haha And then he told us that he would be heading back to Germany the next day... So.... now aren't we all grateful that a picture of me is with some random man in Hindenburg, Germany?

Pie was next and it was so wonderful!

Then for dinner we ate with some members that are from Utah. They live out in the Country in this HUGE farm house that they rent. It is so pretty. Dinner was really good and I felt like I was home! We had ham (which is my absolute favorite) and THE best sweet potatoes I have had in my entire life. I am going to need to get the recipe. It was fun to have Thanksgiving at a different time of the year and I am grateful we had such wonderful people to spend the day with.

Oh and here is just another random, pointless story.... The other day we rode the bus down to the terminal so that we could meet the Elders and get the car. They were a little behind schedule so we sat in Victoria Park for a bit waiting for them.

Victoria Park
More in Victoria Park

 And as we waited this man came up to us.. he said his name is Hector and that he is from Honduras and he even said that he was a member of the church. Anyway... I think Hector must have been taking advantage of the drinking part of Oktoberfest, because he then proceeded to tell us how beautiful we were and at one point he told me I was, and I quote, "one hot pepper." Needless to say we were outta there real quickly. I am telling you... never a dull moment around here. Especially when you are on the buses. haha 

On a more serious note... we are still working on finding people to teach. It can be hard.. but we just keep working at it, the blessings will come eventually!  Oh and here is a video that we shared with a member this week and I LOVED it so I wanted to share it with all of you! 

I wish I could think of more things that happened this week, but... I am at a loss. I cannot believe that it is already week 4 of this transfer. It is going to be over so so soon. It is starting to get colder, which is ok, but can kind of be a pain when we are walking around in it for hours. 

Anyway.. I think that is about it for today. Now that it is already Wednesday it will seem like Monday is going to come around SO fast.

OH... I almost forget to mention that the Bishopric asked us to sing in sacrament meeting next week... I guess no one told them that I don't sing... oh well... guess I will be able to check singing in sacrament meeting off my bucket list! I will let you all know how it goes. :)

This is the last covered bridge left in Ontario. It is called the "Kissing Bridge" it is out in Mennonite Country. (that is something interesting about this area.. there are a lot of Mennonites) 

Loving Tim Horton's

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