Monday, October 21, 2013

Cooler weather and pretty pictures

Well I can honestly say not much has happened in the 4 days since I last wrote. Other than it felt like a lot longer than 4 days so... that is weird. Oh well.. :)

ummm.... it got cold this week! We left our apartment one morning and it was not raining and not too cold and then 5 minutes later it was pouring and freezing! We were not prepared for the weather so we froze for a good 4 hours... man I love never having a car. :) haha 

We still have no one to teach... lame. We are working on it and it is going to work out soon I hope!
Here are some pictures! Hopefully the next 7 days will be a little more exciting than the last 4! 

Hannah Boettinger and I.. she leaves on a mission
 for Albania next week

We did a little photo shoot yesterday...
the lighting was too good to pass up!

My jumping skills and Sister Colvin's picture skills
combined for this !

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