Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptism !

What a long and crazy week full of A LOT of different things!

First things first.... We had a baptism... SURPRISE!! I hadn't really talked much about this because it was kind of an interesting situation and I didn't want to "jinx" anything.  I figured I would wait to talk about it AFTER the baptism and confirmation were over. :)

So the story goes like this... Frank is the father of Pedro, and years and years ago he left the church and has been working to come back. Pedro was never baptized but his father really wanted him to be a member of the Church. So at the beginning of 2013 Pedro started meeting with the missionaries and Frank was working on getting re-baptized. Fast forward to this month... Frank got permission to be re-baptized and therefore things worked out for Pedro to get baptized so this week we planned a baptism and then had the baptism on Saturday and the Confirmation on Sunday.

It was a really special thing. They had their family there and it was a really good experience for them. My favorite part of the baptism was probably when Frank's daughter was giving a talk on baptism and at the end of the talk she sang a song about baptism in Portuguese. It was a beautiful song and even though I couldn't understand any of the words the Spirit was so strong and it was just a really cool moment. The Baptism went well as did the Confirmation. The Holy Ghost has been on my mind A LOT this week and it was a really special moment to see someone who once had the Gift of the Holy Ghost, who then lost it for a time, get it again. You could really see the difference in him and I know that is the moment that he has been looking forward to for a long time.

The sacrament meeting was also the Primary Program so it was really special to see Pedro get confirmed and then to participate in the Primary Program. I was so proud and I am grateful that I was able to be a small part of this process for Pedro. The Primary Program was awesome to say the least. Those little ones had the chapel packed with all of the grandparents and teachers and friends they had invited. And at one point I am pretty sure half of the congregation was in tears while they sang "Families Can be Together Forever." All I know is the future of the Church is in good hands with all of these powerful spirits.

My birthday was good! We had cupcakes and that was basically it, but it was fun. haha Celebrating a Birthday on a mission is a weird thing, but it was also a "once in a lifetime" thing, so I was grateful for the experience.

It has started to get super super cold and has started to snow a bit. An area just an hour from here got 2 1/2 feet of snow this weekend. We only saw an inch. But with that inch the roads were super bad. The morning of the baptism someone took out one of the bushes in front of the church. Fortunately everyone was safe.... except for the bush. :)

This week we get to celebrate American Thanksgiving and I am pumped for that. There are SO many Americans in this ward and they are all getting together and they invited us over for dinner. My hope is that Brother Mitchell makes his sweet potatoes again like he did for Canadian Thanksgiving. haha

Time is still flying by so fast. This is now week 4 of this transfer. So that means I am halfway through transfer #7 of  #12... I am practically out of here when you look at it like that, and considering it will be December when I email again just really blows my mind!!

Things are going just great here! Still learning so much every single day! I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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