Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Karly Palooza :)

Well..... Karly Palooza (or Sister Prescott Palooza as I had to refer to it this week) was.... less than spectacular. haha  Don't get me wrong, it was a good week... but we really did nothing too out of the ordinary, and I don't even have any exciting pictures to post soooooooooo I am kind of a failure. (actually Karly was able to get some pics when her zone met together at the church - see pics below) It was a good week though! And now I just have something to look forward to next year... making it the best Karly Palooza to ever be paloozed!

Hermana Sandall got me a HappyBirthday necklace and pin that says birthday girl...She is wearing one of those things catchers wear when they play baseball.. haha we found it in the gym

Elder Washburn and Elder So'o got me stickers and candy!
And they are making me a cake for my birthday. They are the best!

The Zone on Karly Palooza P-day 

So I have another cool service story this week that kind of goes along with the story from last week. Saturday morning we went to drop by someone that we had met the other day. They were not home and so I decided that we should walk down a different road that we hadn't been on before. We talked to a man who has family members in St. George who are members and then we kept walking and down the street and I saw a woman raking her leaves. So.... we went to this lady and asked her if we could help her and her face lit up and she said, "would you really help me? that would be so nice." So... we grabbed some rakes and went to town. After we had raked for about 15 minutes she stopped and looked at us with tears in her eyes and said, "I am going to tell my son that two angels were sent to me." And then she told us that her son was supposed to help her but that he threw out his back and that he had all of these bad things happening. She knew that she shouldn't have gone out to rake the leaves herself, but she figured she would try and that is when we showed up. She was so so grateful for our help. And I was so so grateful that I could be an answer to someone's prayers. The whole time I was just thinking about how God really is so aware of us. This woman needed some help and luckily we were able to go and help her. It was really cool... and people are loving to call us Angels these days. :)

We spoke in sacrament yesterday and it went really really well. I seriously LOVE LOVE speaking in Sacrament. This is the first time that I got up there with just a list of bullet points and not everything written word for word and it went a lot better than I thought. 

I wish I had more time and energy to write more this week but..... We are going to go and play volleyball (see pics above) in honor of my birthday so I don't have much time!

I hope everyone had a great week and I will write more and try to have more pictures next week!

*saw this on a journal (minus the hashtagging) and laughed out loud... so... I will use this phrase now. :)

So this is the card that Shawn (my brother) sent me for my birthday. The day I got it I wore my Duck Dynasty shirt to bed that night in honor of the card.  Anyway... we were doing follow up calls with Elder So'o and I was telling him how I had gotten a Duck Dynasty card from my brother and I also told him about my Duck Dynasty shirt... He said that he had seen the show enough to know what it was about and then just laughed and said, "I find it odd that someone would bring a Duck Dynasty shirt on their mission" and I just said, "Oh I didn't bring this on my mission, I bought it after I got here."
To which he laughed again and said, "I think that is even worse." haha
So.... let's give it up for being red neck. #proudtobe :)

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