Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A short week, but a really good week!

We went to Zone Conference on Thursday which was a lot of fun. The night before we had 2 other companionship's of Sisters stay in our apartment so that was quite the adventure. Thankfully we had the room, and a member let us borrow their air mattress so between that and the couches, the Sisters had somewhere to sleep.

I'm fairly certain that when you look up the word pathetic in the dictionary there is a picture of our refrigerator........ side note: that salsa actually needs to be thrown out 

We had to leave for Zone Conference early because of traffic, and it was a pain getting to and from Etobicoke. What should have been a 45 min drive took about and hour and a half getting there and 2 hours getting back. Driving near Toronto is kind of a scary thing, I was just grateful that I was driving and not someone else. I like having my life in my own hands in those kinds of situations. haha
A couple of good-looking missionaries from Morgan, Utah
Elder Prochnow and Sister Prescott
Learned a lot at Zone Conference. I got to see Elder Prochnow and some other Sister and Elders that I haven't seen in awhile. As always it was nice to see President and Sister Scott as well as the other couple missionaries. I really believe that part of the reason I was sent to this mission was because of President Scott. I feel like he is the perfect mission president for me and I am so grateful for him and his insights and everything that he shares with us and teaches us.

We have a few new people that we are teaching which is always nice. We are working more with the members and helping them to do their missionary work. We're hoping to help them get excited about sharing the Gospel with their friends and family.

#ToolPicTuesday :)
Basically I love this ward, love this area, and time is flying. Transfers are in two weeks and I can't even believe it!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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