Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Busy Week !

I never really know how to start these things so...... I guess I will just get right into it!

This week went from super hot to super cold in a matter of one day. Tuesday was the really hot day. We walked around for hours talking with people.

So..... Tuesday we chose to walk instead of use the car. Big mistake considering it was 35*C (that is a little over 100*F I believe) and SO humid. We seriously spent about 5 hours contacting and tracting... Sister Puruganan could have killed me!! (hence the look on her face) haha It was funny! We talked to a lot of people, though, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself (hence the look on my face). haha 

One funny story from that... we were walking down a street and we said hello to an Italian family who were sitting on their porch and before we knew it they had called us over.  We talked to them for a minute, and they offered us some espresso... we politely declined. haha
They asked if we wanted to sit down, and then they gave us some ginger ale and we just sat and talked for about 20 minutes about religion and their families. It was a couple and the husband's sister. They were 88, and 80, but honestly looked like they were 60. They told us why they moved to Canada and talked about how they have family in Italy who are priests and nuns. They were interested to hear what we had to say, but basically said they were Catholic and were always going to be Catholic. They were just really nice and so generous. The man even gave us some tomatoes before we left! Oh and he also told me that I had the most beautiful eyes! haha He said they look like Dolores Hart's eyes (not sure who she is but they told me she was in a movie with Elvis and then she became a nun) I just really love being able to talk with everyone, especially when they turn our to be such lovely people like that! After my mission I already know that I am going to miss being able to walk up to strangers and getting to know them like that.

For lunch this week we ate with one of the sisters in the ward who is from El Salvador. She made Pupusas and they were SO good. She even taught me how to make them... I will probably just have to make them post mission, considering I have no time to cook these days. She is an incredible woman who told us so many great stories about her life. I am really learning SO much from everyone I meet here. We have been able to do a little bit of teaching but for the most part we are still finding! It can be hard and discouraging at times, but we can't control people's agency so we just have to do our part.

At church yesterday both talks were on Faith, and then the lesson in Gospel Principles was about Faith. It is the first Principle of the Gospel and it seems like we talk about it all the time but it is still really nice to get a reminder. I felt like the things that were taught were a big answer to my doubts or concerns I have had. I love when answers to prayers come through other people. It is pretty incredible.

After church we actually had a pretty interesting experience. We were walking out to get into our car and a guy pulls up and asks us what we do in our church and what you have to do to become a Mormon. He asked us what we do as missionaries and what "Our Gospel" is. Anyway we took him inside and had a really great discussion with him. He said that he used to not be religious until one day he was "saved" and he has been different ever since. It was a really great discussion, but I think his purpose in going out that day was to spread his gospel with people. He was a very good guy with such good intentions, he was just a little confused on some of his doctrine. It was nice to be able to sit there and bear testimony and know that the things we were sharing with him are true. The promise really is true that we will "not be confounded before men" He was so nice and I know he wants to do what is right, he is just getting a little confused along the way. I really think our discussion made him think and who knows, maybe he really will read the Book of Mormon that we gave him and hopefully he will give us a call. From that experience it just really shows me that the Gospel is simple, and that is how it is supposed to be. If we have Faith, Repent, are Baptized, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end we will be saved. It takes grace, yes, but we also have to do our part. He felt he had just been "saved" and didn't think he had to do anything. Hopefully he will one day come to understand.

Was I called to the Canada Toronto Mission or to a mission in the Philippines? Hard to tell by the looks of this photo. ;) #minority  We ate Pancit (noodles and vegetables), crab, and Purple Yum cake. SO good! No wonder Sister Puruganan misses the food from the Philippines. 

Dinner last night was a lot of fun! It was with a family from our ward and a family from the Burlington Ward. They are both Filipino and are so wonderful! The food we ate was delicious and Sister Puruganan got to speak Tagalog which I am sure she was happy about! All I know, is I need to visit the Philippines at some point in my life because the food is great and the people are even better!

Well... I passed my 7th month mark on Friday and time doesn't seem to be slowing down. Transfer calls are Sunday, so on Monday I will be able to let you all know if I will be moving or not! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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