Monday, April 15, 2013

New Companion, New Area, New Car !

First week in the new area and things went pretty well. It has been an adjustment for both Sister Tebbs and I to not be able to hide behind our trainers anymore but it has been a great learning experience and we are sure that things will get better and better as the weeks go by! :)

Sister Tebbs and Sister Prescott
 So kind of a funny story about the transfer. We all met at the Brampton Stake Center and that is where I said bye to Sister Tuia and Sister DeRuvo and met up with Sister Tebbs. From there we went and got our apartment info from the Zone Leader, Elder Prochnow, and he gave us the keys to our car. Now this is where the funny part comes in. Elder Prochnow hands me the keys and says, "It's a brand new car, that doesn't have a Tiwi (the thing that tracks our speed and tells us to slow down) in it yet so.... be careful." So just like that I now get to drive a 2013 Chevy Cruz and could potentially go as fast as a wanted to! haha No of course I wouldn't do that, but honestly I don't really like the pressure of driving a brand new car! If anything happens it is 100% my fault and that's scary. haha I am thankful to have a car, though. I never thought I would say this but I do miss the buses! The buses were such a great way to meet people so now we are going to have to come up with new ways to find people. I won't complain about having the car, though because it really is a blessing and I will be grateful for it every day! :)

The ward here is SO awesome! Like SO awesome  The ward mission leader met with us a few hours after getting here, we have already met a ton of the families and they are so nice. There is a sister in the ward who coordinates all of our meal appointments so we will get dinner probably 5 times a week. There is a family in the ward who feeds us every week and brings us bags of treats on Sundays. Everyone is just really so great here! I can already tell I will be sad to leave! Hopefully President just keeps me here for months and months and months. :) The members are also just really excited to have Sisters in the ward again and that is probably why they are all so friendly! haha Everyone is excited to have us here. Makes us feel welcomed which is really nice.

Our apartment is really great as well. We live in the basement of some members. (the dad is the Bishop of the Spanish Ward) It is a lot bigger than my last apartment and has a washer and dryer in the apartment which is SO nice. Thankfully the Elders didn't leave it TOO dirty either. They were only there for a transfer so they didn't have time to make it too bad. ;) haha
"I decorated our new apartment"
Our Kitchen

"Looking good !"

The really rough part about this week has not been having food! (don't freak out mom, we have been eating, just cereal and yogurt! haha) When we got here Tuesday we just did shopping for the "basics" and let me tell you those $70 worth of "basics" didn't last too long! So we are pretty pumped to do some grocery shopping today! Oh, and the other good news about being in Brampton is that I can get mail every week! So... send me mail! :) And now that I get it more often I will have more time to write back! :)

"Beautiful day here, and so nice to have the temple where we can see it everyday"
The weather is gradually starting to get better... it snowed Thursday which was a real bummer, but today is super nice. Everyone here says it is never like this and that it should hopefully be warming up soon. Well I am sure I neglected to tell you all a million great things, but I will save them for next week if I remember them! :) Sister Tebbs and I are going to keep hitting it hard here in Brampton and hope to see some success soon! :)

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