Monday, April 8, 2013

First Transfer

Too funny !!  Karly with Sister DeRuvo
Well I made it through my first transfer as a missionary! (Can you believe it!?) I had a good feeling that I wouldn't be staying here in Guelph and my feelings were correct! We got the call last night and I will be moving to Brampton! And I am PUMPED! Everyone refers to Brampton as "the hub".   The Temple, mission home, mission office and all other sorts of great things are there. I am really excited. I will be "whitewashing" an area called Heart Lake North with Sister Tebbs. Whitewashing means that they took 2 missionaries out and will be putting 2 new in. So that will be exciting! We'll have to find our way around pretty quickly. :)

So it is totally crazy that I am companions with Sister Tebbs,  and I will give you all a little background story on that. It all starts with my Sophomore year of college when I met some boys who had gone to Copper Hills High School (Brenton, Emilio, Luis, and Matt) We became really good friends and thus I was introduced to a lot of their friends from school, one of them being a kid named Andrew Newbold. Now at this same time Sister Tebbs was going to Western Wyoming where she met Andrew and they started dating. I had heard about her from the boys, and I think I even met her once and had seen pictures of her. Fast-forward a few years to the MTC. I see Sister Tebbs walk into the cafeteria and I was pretty sure that is who she was, so I went up to talk to her. She said that yeah she dates Andrew, and we laughed about what a small world it is. And then the world got smaller. Her companion says, "It's so funny that you came to talk to us, because I just saw you and said to Sister Tebbs that I needed to talk to you!" So then I found out that Sister Tebbs' companion is friends with Ashley Grigor (who I met in Ecuador) and Ashley had told her that we were going to the same mission, so she had looked me up on Facebook  SO.... long confusing story but on that day we discovered that we were all going to the same mission and that we all kinda knew each other.
Now here we are today... Sister Tebbs and I will be companions in a new area! (keep in mind we have both only been here 6 weeks!!!) Should be an adventure! :)

I am sad to be leaving Guelph, because I have grown pretty attached to the members and our investigators. I worked so hard in the area to go from nothing to something, and I kind of feel like it is my baby and now I am abandoning it! I know Sister Tuia will take good care of it and I already made her promise that she will keep working hard and get all those baptisms we have been working on. I also made her promise that when those baptisms come, she won't send me pictures to rub it in my face. :)

 I don't have a ton of time today but let's talk a little bit about  General Conference! If you weren't able to watch it, you should look it up and watch it soon. It was SOOOO good! Here are some of the big things that I got out of it. :)

1. Be obedient to the commandments!!!!! (especially that chastity one! :) 
2. Be member missionaries! :) (us full time missionaries love that, by the way:) 
3. Hold on to the Faith you have even if it isn't much. If you have nothing else just BELIEVE 
4. Keep your covenants! 
5. Family is SO important! Do everything we can to keep our families a place where we are safe from the world. 

I am SO thankful that we have a Prophet who leads and guides us today! Saturday and Sunday were proof that those Prophets and Apostles are called of God and we need to listen to the things we learn from them and APPLY it in our lives. It is not enough just to know the scriptures or know the commandments.... We must LIVE them! Thank you for all of your prayers, emails, letters and support! :) Love you all!

 Enjoy the Pics below !

P-day, outside of our basement apartment

Three companions - Prescott, Tuia, DeRuvo

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