Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty Great Week

This week was pretty great if I do say so myself and also.... it's the the last day of April... uh what?? Where has the last month of my life gone?!?!

Yesterday we went to Burlington and had a conference where Elder Paul V. Johnson, of the Seventy, and his wife spoke to us. It was really, really great! He taught us a lot of things that we will all be able to use to make ourselves better missionaries! It was fun to get together with a bunch of other missionaries and see some of the Elders and Sisters that I haven't seen in awhile. Oh and funny story, Sister Tebbs got called up to the front during the conference to take part in kind of an object lesson. Elder Johnson was explaining how we learn different things in different ways and so he brought Sister Tebbs up and said, "OK, in 5 minutes I need you to teach me how to be a soccer player." Well Sister Tebbs responds to that with, "Well it would take a lot more than 5 minutes to get you in shape!" Everyone started laughing and the joke for the rest of the day was that she insulted a General Authority! Of course she didn't mean to and he thought it was funny but.... my companion got pretty famous yesterday! haha

On Saturday we were able to do a service project which was a lot of fun even though all we did was pick up trash at a park for four hours! I will have to get a picture of the group of us to send sometime. I can't believe how much trash we were able to pick up. It was pretty unreal. Oh and this park had a "petting zoo" even though you weren't allowed to actually pet the animals. But.... I felt like I was at home seeing the cute goats and they even had some mini donkeys! Granted, these mini donkeys weren't too happy like Otis back at home. I wish I could have freed them from their pens... anyway... I got a little bit sunburned this day as well. It was super hot! Once again I am not really sure how I will survive the summer.

That night we got together with our zone and did what is called a Blitz. Basically we got together with the other District, the Zone Leaders and the Assistants and all of us missionaries went to an area in Brampton and talked with EVERYONE. It was pretty cool! We flooded the streets pretty much and it was really effective in a few ways. 1. we got a lot of contacts and 2. It motivated Sister Tebbs and I to talk to some people! Up until this point we had still been pretty scared to open our mouths so this was something that added some competition and forced us to do it. And it worked because Sister Tebbs and I handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon in just over an hour. All of the Elders were pretty impressed and now Elder Prochnow is giving Sister Tebbs a hat for her achievement and Elder Amorim will be giving me a Canadian Flag. haha It took a little bribing, yes, but it was just the confidence boost we needed and now we aren't worried about talking with everyone!

So what else happened this week.... oh one morning I woke up and had a pretty severe rash on my neck and face and my eyes were SO swollen. It was pretty bad. haha I mean like really bad.... I may send a picture but I doubt it because..... woof.

This week was full of ups and downs but thankfully they were mostly ups! Sometimes I can't believe how much I have changed in the past 3 weeks. I look back to when Sister Tebbs and I first got to this area and I know I have had to grow a lot. The change is gradual for me, but I really do feel like I am a completely different person and it is totally in a good way!

Time is also flying by. I can't believe that I am in the 4th week of this transfer. Feeling like I can't get too comfortable either, because I will probably end up getting transferred again. Word on the street is that 20 new sisters will be coming in this next transfer which means that big changes will be happening again. I guess we will just have to see! :)

Sister Tebbs and I have a progressing investigator that we are pretty excited about! I hate even saying that for fear of it not happening, but she has a baptismal date, has come to church twice and is really, REALLY loving it. Her name is Shelmith and she came from Kenya about 6 weeks ago. She is really so awesome. So open to the Spirit and willing to learn. Sister Tebbs and I have been praying for her A LOT and we have a good feeling. :) OK so a funny story... we have an investigator who LOVES us. Her name is Nicole and she was a little leery about meeting with us because she thought we would be weird, but now she thinks we are great and wants to learn more and wants to take us to dinner sometime soon. haha Anyway last Monday her and her husband saw us at Walmart and last night she told us what her husband said to her when he saw us. He said, "Hey there are those girls you meet with. They are so pretty and they are covered up... but they're so pretty." So we could have taken this as being creepy but honestly I take it as the fact that modest really is hottest and that the "missionary glow" is a real thing. haha

Ok I think that should do it for today! :) Missionary life is pretty sweet and I am honestly loving it. Some days it hits me how fast time is going and I honestly get pretty sad. It isn't everyday you can go share the good word with complete strangers and it is sad to think that so soon I will have to take off this name tag and be done. I don't even like thinking about it. I'll just enjoy every moment.... keep inviting others to come unto Christ and baptizing the nation. :)

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