Monday, May 6, 2013

Longest week of the Mission

This has literally been the longest week of my mission! And not that it was bad, there were just a lot of things that happened.

Tuesday after I emailed home, Sister Tebbs and I went with the Elders and got Poutine for the first time since being in Canada. Poutine, for those of you who don't know, is fries, topped with cheese and gravy.... yeah real healthy. The place we went to get the Poutine is a bbq place, so ours had bbq pork on it which was good but... in the end a 6 pound plate of Poutine called "the mammoth" is just no good for anyone. It'll probably be a few months before I try that again.

Elder Snow,  Karly, Elder Skirvin, Elder Wilson, Sister Tebbs, Elder Palmer

So I knew that I had the best district ever, but this week I discovered how great they really are! I had been a little bit grumpy and just having a rough day or two and the Elders totally caught on...we call that the gift of discernment :) And they were able to give me a blessing and even bought me a nice drink. Really... such good guys! And I am SO thankful for the power of the Priesthood! This is something I think I may have taken for granted, but I am so thankful that these young Elders are worthy and willing to help when I needed it. And it has made all the difference. I have felt SO much better in every aspect of my mission since that night.

The day after that we had a Zone training which was great. We were able to set some goals that we are going to work to achieve as a Zone, and Elder Prochnow and I were able to talk about some Morgan gossip so all and all a great day! haha But even after that it got better. For I think the first time since being out, I was able to go out, talk to everyone, knock on some doors, and just feel super happy. So.... finally figuring out this whole mission thing. :) Bout time, eh?

And the other really, really awesome thing that happened this week is that I almost met Alex Boye! (He is a pretty famous LDS singer who is in the Motab, Everyone should Youtube the video I will Rise by Alex Boye and watch it.) Anyway, somehow someone in another ward knows Alex and had him come to do a fireside. It was really awesome. He shared some great experiences, his powerful testimony and of course sang. :) Unfortunately, all of us missionaries had to leave early so we could be home on time. (Exact obedience brings miracles! haha) But our investigator was there and she was able to meet and talk with him and it was a REALLY awesome experience for her so I am happy. Since we weren't able to get a picture with him Sister Tebbs and I took our own picture with the flyer they gave out. haha Just know that I really did sit in the same chapel as Alex Boye.. yeah, I am kinda a big deal. :)

Sunday we were able to attend a baptismal service so that our investigator, Shelmith, could see a baptism. It was awesome. There is always such a strong Spirit at baptisms, so we were grateful that she was able to go. Oh and one of the baptisms was Elder Prochnow's. Shout out to him. haha

Elder Prochnow and Karly
Oh and let's talk about how I am turning into such a missionary. We have a family here that always says if we don't have a meal just to tell them and we could go over. Well... this is a nice sentiment but I never actually thought that I would do it. Well... yesterday I did it!  I just straight up asked them if we could come over for dinner. Of course they said yes, but who am I becoming!? haha

I am almost out of time, but the week was great! There were some definite ups and downs but all and all there were some great turning points for me and my growth as a missionary! Now I will quote Alex Boye here when I say, "All of the power that we get comes from the Book of Mormon and we need to read it over, and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. :)" Have a great week!

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