Monday, May 13, 2013

Three month mark, and Mother's Day call

Three months ago today I got dropped off at the MTC! Sometimes I seriously can't believe it has been that long. (Even though in the grand scheme of things 3 months doesn't seem too long. haha)

Anyway.. This week marks week 6 of this transfer so transfer calls will come Sunday. I don't think I will get transferred (or maybe that is just me hoping I won't get transferred) but I guess we shall see! Either way the Lord knows where I need to be and if that means I stay here I will stay and if not I will go.

This week was good! We found a few new people to teach and had some good lessons. Shelmith, who we have been teaching for about 4 weeks now, should be getting baptized either this Sunday or the next Sunday and I am really excited about that. She is an amazing woman and I am grateful that she found us.

It went from being really hot to really cold this week and I am hoping that is goes back to the hot end of things this week.

So with yesterday being Mothers day I was able to call home! 
It was the best! 

Thank goodness for modern technology! Really how great is it that I was able to Skype my family and then talk to Blake over the phone through Skype.  I think it is pretty cool! Calling home was good but... I can see why we only get to do it twice a year. I haven't been homesick or really cried since being on my mission but all of the above happened Saturday when I got to call my mom to set up our time to Skype for Sunday. haha oh well....  Back to the regular missionary grind today.. no time for homesickness!

The members here are so awesome! This week we were invited to a farewell party for one of the members and got to be with like 10 families all at once. Now that is an effective way to do some missionary work and be involved with members. haha Weeks are starting to feel like blurs.. I wish that I had more to say but... I think that is all for today! I will try and make next week's email much, much, better. :)

Random pics !

Elder Randon Prochnow and Sister Karly Prescott
Both from Morgan Utah !

Ketchup Chips - Pretty good :)

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