Monday, June 10, 2013

Basic Missionary Grind

Niagara Falls ended up being a no go for today because it is raining, but we rescheduled for next Monday so let's all cross our fingers the weather will be BEAUTIFUL! :)

This week was full of your basic missionary grind. We did a lot of finding that was not the most successful ever, but we were able to find a few people who are interested. We ran into a couple of people this week who were interested in talking to us until they found out what church we were from.... haha When I said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" They looked like they had seen a ghost or something and quickly shut their doors.

Apparently someone has told these people some lies about us Mormons, because I don't feel like a couple of girls walking around in skirts talking about the truth is very threatening.. ;)

Sister Taylor and I with Becky - She comes teaching with us, and she is THE BEST, funniest girl ever !

One of the members took Sister Taylor and I to the Mandarin and let's just say the Mandarin is the best and they need to get them in the States. It is an all you can eat Chinese buffet and it is just really, really good. The member started talking to one of the managers before we left and the guy was really nice. He ended up giving us all these hard back books with the history of the Mandarin. Not sure what I am going to do with that souvenir but... it is still cool. haha

This is Crystal-Lynn - she is awaiting her mission call.
She comes out teaching and tracting with us. 

We had an investigator at church yesterday which is always a good sign! He says he is looking for something and wants to keep learning so we will keep teaching him. He asks a lot of great questions and so he is really fun to teach!

Kind of a boring week, but things were good. It rained and was super cold one day. Not what the weather is typically like here, but I am thankful for it because I do not enjoy the really hot and humid days.
Well, sorry so boring... Niagara next week! So one of these Mondays the blog post will be exciting and full of pictures from Niagara Falls! 

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