Monday, June 17, 2013

Picture Perfect

Just pictures this week  -  it was an Awesome week.  I am going to Niagara Falls and  will write more next Monday !

The part of Hamilton that I wish we could be in always.
Some members live out here and it is beautiful!
This is in front of Becky's house. We helped her clean and fix up her room this week. She is so great

We ripped the carpet up and threw it out the window.
Funniest thing ever!

The squirrels are black around here and this one is dead.
Related... I hit a squirrel on the way to church last Sunday

Elder Sommerfeldt and Elder Marshall. The Assistants to the President. Mat Roundy (From Morgan) trained Elder Marshall. Elder Sommerfeldt goes home at the end of this transfer in two weeks. (They both think I am THE funniest person around. haha People in this mission just love us people from Morgan, Utah)

Elder Vanderstel and Elder Campbell at Zone Conference.
They were in my last zone

I hit rock bottom this week and resorted to eating "Kraft Dinner" Not my proudest moment

Sister Tebbs and I at Zone Conference. It was SO good to see her. The most joyous reunion I've ever had in my life. haha

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