Monday, June 3, 2013

You Pay - "Up there"

This week was LONG... like really, really long. A lot of really great stuff happened, though! Sometimes I can't believe how much can happen in one week. I guess that's what happens when you wake up at 6:30, 7 days a week and go go go until 10:30 at night.

A little bit of a miracle happened this week in the form of a great dentist. 2 weeks ago I had found a spot in one of my teeth that looked like a cavity and it hurt. I was SO bummed because I had gotten all of my dental work done before I left and I did not want to deal with or pay for tooth problems while on my mission. I knew I needed to fix it, because I didn't want it to get worse so I ended up calling the Relief Society President, Sister Norell, to see if she could recommend me to a good dentist.  She did some checking around and found a place that a ward member goes to that does a lot of work for people who don't have dental insurance. Before I knew it, Sister Norell was picking us up and taking me to the dentist, and from that point on it was just one good thing after another.

We get there, Sister Norell tells them who referred us, tells them I am a missionary and that I am a long ways from home and that I don't have dental insurance. They tell me that they just had a cancellation and ask if I would like to meet with the dentist today. Of course I said yes, the sooner the better! So I fill out some paperwork and in about 10 minutes I go back and am in the dental chair. The assistant took and x-ray of my tooth and all I can think is, "Oh great, what is this going to cost me?" Then the dentist came in, said that he couldn't see a cavity, but that he would take a look anyway. He asked me what I was doing in Canada, and implied that I must be under some abnormal amount of stress because is looks like a grind or clench my teeth which probably caused my problem. Then he tells me that I have a hole in my tooth because one of my fillings must have cracked and that he would fix it. It took him maybe 10 minutes to fix it and then we were on our way. When I got out of the chair I thanked him and asked if I just, "Pay out there?" pointing toward the front desk. Instead of saying yes he says, "No, you pay up there." and pointed toward heaven and just kept walking toward the front desk. He talked to the receptionist, told her, "No charge" and then walked around the wall to meet another patient almost before I could get a thank you out. I could not believe it and honestly wanted to cry. That was a serious answer to prayers and I know that Heavenly Father really does look out for His missionaries. Even in something as small as not having to pay for dental work. There really is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason!

Ryan Gosling - born in Hamilton Canada
Now on a less serious more funny note. Sister Norell informed us this week that Ryan Gosling (good looking actor from the Notebook) grew up in Hamilton! She said that he was a part of the Hamilton 2nd Ward which eventually was combined to be the ward that I am serving in now. She also said that when she was the chorister in Primary he was in Primary. Pretty cool right? Apparently his mom lives near here but isn't in this ward. So.... I am practically famous, serving in Ryan Gosling's old ward, right?! haha

We were able to find three new investigators this week! It is about time. :) I hate telling the stories of everything because it seems like when I do I jinx it and they end up not investigating the church anymore. haha  So I will just say that it started with us talking to two guys on the street, which lead to us meeting a third guy and they are all interested and none of them said no to being baptized so that is a good sign. One of the guys said to me yesterday after we taught him, "God brought you to us, you have changed the environment in our home." It is THE BEST feeling when you KNOW that the people you are teaching have felt the Spirit because they say things like this. The same guy kept mentioning the way he felt when we first prayed with him as well. It is people like that, that you know will have a greater potential to progress because they are learning things by the Spirit and not by what I say to them.

Yesterday's teaching appointment was probably one of the most powerful ones I have had since being on my mission. And... it must have went well because afterwards they fed us and the member we brought with us -  Goat Curry.

Karly's new baby goats in Morgan, Utah

(yeah I know -  I was surprised that I would allow myself to eat goat especially with my new baby goats that are at home,  but.... let's be honest, it was GOOD!) Jamaicans sure know how to cook. 

Sister Tofa and Karly
I also did an exchange this week with one of the Sister Training Leaders (that is the new leadership that was put in place with so many sisters coming out.) Her name is Sister Tofa and she is THE BEST. Probably the funnest day I have had on my mission in awhile. We got a lot done, worked hard, and spent the entire day laughing. She is from Australia (now I have another place to visit post mission, better start saving up some money dad... ;) All in all, a really great week.

It is getting pretty hot and a few of the days were completely miserable to walk around in but I will live. Oh,     we also didn't have the car for a few days because it was in the shop. Someone must have ran into us because there was some weird damage that was done. Anyway.... things I took away from this week...

1. All things happen for a reason, no such thing as coincidence!

2. In Australia people carry around Machetes because you never know, "When a kangaroo will attack your car" 

3. The Spirit is what does the teaching/converting in this missionary business 

4. Goat is good!! 

Well that was a long one! Hopefully it will make up for the short email that I will send next week. Sister Norell is taking us to Niagara Falls next Monday and I. am. PUMPED. :) Have a great week! :)
The view from our apartment

Our Apartment - Hamilton

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