Monday, May 26, 2014

Good Week - Good Stories

First things first! We are going to Niagra Falls today! Pretty pumped.. the weather has been PERFECT the past few days as well so it should be a really good day. :)

Living on the lake is seriously THE BEST

This week was good! And I have a few good stories!

Friday morning we were looking through some really old records of people who had investigated the church years ago. Most of them said that the people were no longer interested, but we decided to pull out a few so that we would at least have some areas to go to to talk to people. 

The first one we went to drop by was a lady named Jocilyn. We debated about going to knock on her door, but eventually decided to and I am sure glad we did! When we got to the door we knocked on it and I immediately had this impression that we shouldn't ask for Jocilyn but instead we should just "pretend" like we were tracting and that we didn't know who lived there. So we did... and this girl answered.. we told her what we do as missionaries and she let us in! We talked with her and found out that she had been praying to know what direction that she should go in as far as church goes. Her siblings have been studying with a different church and she just didn't feel right about it. So she has been reading the Bible and praying that she would be led in the right direction... and then we knocked on her door. I have always heard stories of missionaries where things like this happen, but I have never really been a part of it so it was pretty amazing to be the answer to someone's prayers. As we got to know their family more I am pretty confident that Jocilyn doesn't live there and must have moved years ago. So I am really glad we looked through those old investigator records that morning and I know that we really were led to her for a reason!

Saturday morning we were out talking with people and we walked by a food truck called "Sammy's Fish and Chips" I had remembered that some of the missionaries last Summer taught the guy who owns the truck so we decided to stop in. There was only one guy standing by the truck and so I asked if he was Sammy. He said that his name was Sam but that he was a different Sammy than the one who owned the truck. We talked to him for a bit and he told us how Sammy has the best fish and chips and that we really needed to try it. We told him that we would come back for lunch and he said that he would treat us to fish and chips.. I didn't think he was serious about "treating" us to fish and chips, but when we came back he did! At first we paid for our food and then he came around about 10 minutes later and he gave us money and then bought us another order of fish and chips! Super nice guy.. He said he comes every Saturday so I am sure we will go back on Saturday and talk with him and then also talk with Sammy some more and see if he would like to meet with missionaries again. 

Joe is still on for his baptism on Sunday! He was able to see a baptism yesterday and he loved it. I asked him if he felt the Spirit and he didn't say yes, but he didn't say no.. but then a few minutes later he said that he just felt really good when he saw the baptism and he said, " I just really could see myself being in the water and I just really want to be there next.  It was a good feeling there with everyone." To which I just had to smile because he did feel the Spirit and slowly he is beginning to recognize what it is. 

Ok.... out of time! We are off to Niagra!  Oh and.... it is transfer time again! Calls will be this Sunday and then I will know where I will be for the rest of my mission! Time is flying! 

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